Peer To Peer Order Book Exchange

You Decide Price of your assets.

  • P2P Order Matching
  • Sell Real Crypto to Real Buyer
  • All Crypto Paired With PZMX
  • P2P in Multiple Fiat

The most game-changing feature of the PZMX coin is para-mining. As far as one can tell, this coin is the only one with such a unique and special feature. The trick is that all you need to do is to purchase or exchange your existing other crypto assets and get the pzmx coin and hold it in your digital wallet. You can decide the value of your digital assets like any other traditional asset on PRIZMXCHANGE.


Peer To Peer PZMX to FIAT

Convert PZMX to Your Local Fiat.

  • Exclusive PZMX to FIAT
  • Starting with Five Countries
  • Trade or Hold You Make Money Always.
  • P2P in Multiple Fiat

World's 1st Para-Mining Crypto to Launch its Blockchain, P2P Order Book Matching Exchange to convert any crypto into PrizmX Coin (PZMX), en-cash PZMX on P2P trading to sell against multiple countries fiat currencies. The best part is that when you hold them, you generate more PZMX using Para Mining, always making money whether you are trading or holding PZMX.