Strategic Planning


Advance cryptocurrency, fully decentralized, self-regulating system with unique PARAMINING technology and native Blockchain...

Financial Clean-Up

Proof of Stake

PrizmX is 100% Proof of Stake cryptocurrency based on the NEXT core, built on the open source Java langauge...

Cash Flow Planning

Decentralized Crypto

A new implementation of concept of cryptocurrency in its purest form allowing any user to easily, quickly and securly store and transact with PRIZM...


How does PRIZMX work?

PRIZM uses a system where each "coin" in a wallet's balance can be treated as miniature mining farm.

Having replenished the balance of the wallet with just 1 PRIZMX coin, you will start paramining- an automatic process of generating new coins..

We at PRIZMXCHANGE understand the technology and it's potential hence we have developed exlusive market place based on PRIZMX CRYPTO COIN.

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Our philosophy of Decentralized Crypto means a real value of asset decided by it's real owner who hold them and sell them at price he wants to sell at and not dependent on fake Market Maker Liquidity based order books on centralized exchange or FAKE STABLE COIN based DeX exchanges.

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At PRIZMXCHANGE all holders of PRIZMX Coins bought from PRIZMXCHANGE shall become bonafied owners of their own real crypto asset PRIZM and they will have power of deciding at what price they want to sell their asset like any other tengible asset class i.e Property, Car, Daimond etc.

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We identified that even though PRIZM is having extremly rear feature of SELF PARAMINING without having to INVEST in HARDWARE, ELECTRICITY, MANPOWER, or STAKE huge amount of PRIZMX for generating new coins then to VALUE of coin is so low due to exccess supply on centralized exchanges avilable through stable coins which is biggest threat to decentralized nature of crypto currency. Hence we decided to provide PARAMINING a main feature of PRIZM Coin in our P2P Exchange wereby supply & price can remain 100% Decentralized through REAL DEMAND & SUPPLY logic.

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Peer to Peer Trading based order book matching only when Buyer & Seller price is Matched without any manupulating Auto Market Maker Script, shall make sure that price of PRIZMX remains in people's control who hold them and own them.

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future prospects

PRIZMX Market Place

Unlike any other crypto that came in existance PRIZMX's main purpose is to provide fast, economical, border less & safe independent payment solutions to global community.


Prizmx Minted
so far.


Prizmx PARAMINING Calculator

Prizmx Pramining is parameter based logical implementation to bring new coins in circulation.

Self wallet balance, network balance and paratax based difficulty level decides how much coins you mine. This calculator calculates accurate number of coins mined based on own balance, team balance and duration.


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PRIZMX Paramining

Paramining Factors

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Paramining system

The Paramining system is the most advanced tool for promotion and popularization, as it has no analogues in any modern cryptocurrency. The main advantage of Paramining is that no network user can interfere with this mechanism and falsify new coins, all users can track the number of coins issued by the system in real time. Paramining works on any wallet with a balance over 1 PZMX and automatically stops when the balance reaches 1,000,000 PZMX.

The rate at which new coins are generated depends on personal balance


New coin generation rate factors:

1. Number of coins in a personal wallet

2. Number of followers structure coins

3. General issue of coins

A three- factor source of increasing the number of coins in your wallet.

The speed of mining new coins depends on the number of coins in the wallet, the more cryptocurrencies, the higher the speed of paramining, the higher your profitability.